Our lives have truly become virtual, right from our social interactions to everyday activities such as grocery shopping or even calling a cab. Nothing can bear more testament to the virtual quality of our lives than a special niche of betting that focuses only on virtual sports.

Virtual Horse Racing

%d0%b7%d0%b746There was a time when people went to the races and bet on their favourite horse. Fortunes were made and fortunes were lost. Now you can catch all of the action without stepping out of the house. Welcome to the world of virtual horse racing.

It all began when established bookmakers such as bet365 and William Hill began to stream computer generated horse races. They soon became popular among the punters, as they could bet on the virtual horse races as easily as playing a slot machine.

All Around The Clock

Here is why virtual horse racing is catching on:

  • It may not have the glamour and pizazz of some of the actual events, but the one thing it does offer is unbridled fun at any time of the day or night.
  • Since the races are computer generated, you can probably find one happening almost every other minute.

How To Bet

%d0%b7%d0%b745Think of it as old wine in a brand new bottle. The basic principles remain the same, with a few new additions. Here is the lowdown:

  1. Visit your favourite betting site and click the virtual sports tab. Then select Virtual Horse Racing.
  2. Check for the latest race and the odds that are being offered. Remember that this is a computer generated game.
  3. Also check if the site is running any promotions during the race. There may also be deposit bonuses and sign up bonuses.
  4. Select your horse, place your bets, and watch the livestream of the race.
  5. The money that you win will be deposited to your account.

Virtual Horse Racing FAQs

  1. Are the races fixed?

One of the most common questions. Punters assume that since it is computer generated that somehow the bookmakers can fix the result. The simple answer is no, they cannot.

  1. Does the horse with the most favourable odds always win?

Again the answer is no. Just like real life horse racing, there can be surprises.

  1. Can I bet on more than one race?

Yes, you can. Since there are multiple races that happen one after the other, you can choose to bet on as many races as you want.