%d0%b7%d0%b758Virtual dog racing works very much like an online casino, where you can participate from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, there are races occurring all day, all year round. Virtual dog racing also has a variety of physical racetracks, all of which adds to the excitement.

Actual vs Virtual Dog Racing

  • Unlike actual dog racing, you cannot forecast the result of a race from the dog’s previous form, physical appearance, or the weather conditions. Virtual dog racing takes place in a virtual environment. Actually, virtual dog races are more similar to a game like roulette. One can get many diverse outcomes with fixed odds, and one’s bets are centred exclusively on these odds.
  • Actual dog racing is commonly affected by illnesses or injuries. This is not the case here.
  • Virtual dog races unfold way faster and in shorter durations compared to real life dog racing.

That said, there are different strategies that need to be followed for one to succeed in virtual dog racing.

Virtual Dog Racing Strategies

  1. Determining Probabilities

%d0%b7%d0%b759To avoid losing money, your first task is to determine the probability of each choice you make and the overall look of the collective odds. This way you can manage to earn some money betting on virtual dog racing. Do not rush into betting without an analysis of probabilities.

  1. Bankroll Requirements

Your bankroll should be adequate enough to bet on at least 50 races. The majority of the virtual systems allow one to wager on each race for a meagre fee of 10p. Thus, you can start off with a £5 bankroll, or an equivalent of 50 races (10p times 50). This allows you to promptly bet on races as they follow each other. Remember that the races come in quick succession.

  1. Spread the Risk

Another word for this is ‘Dutching’ which is basically a gambling term that refers to limiting the risk by backing one or more selections in a race or event. This allows the bettor to win on at least one of the chosen outcomes. If you are caught in between choices, spread the risk and you stand a chance of at least winning something.

  1. Take a Bonus for Added Value

Never bet minus a bonus! Most virtual dog race betting sites offer users a bonus. This implies that even if you are unfortunate enough to lose a few coins while betting, you can still have an added chance to win using free money.

Good Betting Rules

  • Always go for the 6-dog race instead the 8-dog race.
  • Only bet with cash you can afford to lose. Always bet for fun and amusement.
  • Stick steadfastly to the bankroll that you have to work with. Anything contrary to our suggestions would be chasing losses. Of all your possible mistakes, the worst is to increase bets especially after you lose.
  • Practice in advance before you start to play for real money.
  • Never play without a sign-up bonus


How many races can I bet at a go?

As long as you’ve got the required threshold in your bankroll, you can bet on as many races as you can, although it is recommended that you bet on the 6-dog races.