%d0%b7%d0%b760The National Football League (NFL) has become increasingly popular, and is about to become even more prominent. NFL football is the most liked sport among American citizens of all ages, with more men and women setting aside time every weekend to watch their favourite players and teams compete. Along with the growing popularity of the NFL comes the creative innovation that provides punters with the opportunity to manage their betting online.

How Do You Bet On NFL?

You can bet on virtual National Football League (NFL) games online just like you would in actual football betting. Online NFL games allow you to place your bet on specific NFL teams. While it may have some common features with real football, virtual NFL betting tends to slightly differ from real live football betting. In most cases you will be required to ignore some of the information you have gathered about the players and their team. For instance, in virtual NFL you may find Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton on the same team. This requires online bettors to learn the tricks and be able to adapt. This means that you must clearly understand how it works in order to make informed betting decisions.

The Devil is in the Details

%d0%b7%d0%b761Becoming a pro in online betting requires learning and understanding how the virtual betting platform works. Generally, virtual NFL betting runs on computerized software that randomly generates the outcome of matches. This way matches cannot be manipulated and it eliminates any bias or advance prediction of results by players.

In addition, there are three forms of betting mostly used by bookmakers that allow players to place their bets on either the losing or the winning team:

  1. Moneyline
  2. Over/Under
  3. Point spread

Moneyline is the most popular form because it is simple and easy to understand. It basically involves placing a bet on the team that you think will win the match. The team you have placed a bet on needs to win outright for you to be able to get paid. When betting using moneyline, the team considered to be the favourite will always have a negative sign before the number while the team thought to be an underdog will have a positive sign before the number (-10 for favourites and +10 for underdogs).

Betting on a favourite may seem like the better option; after all they only need to defeat a lesser rival. However, it is not always the attractive option when it comes to payouts. A win from the favoured team will not get you a huge payout. On the other hand, betting on the underdog may be daunting, but the odds assigned to an underdog in the event that it wins will reap you a better payout.

Over/under, also known as totals, allows you to bet on the total score between two competitors. Assuming you place your bet on the under, this means you are hoping that both teams score a total point that falls within the under bracket. For instance, if the number placed on the bet is 35 and you bet over, you will need 43 points to win the bet. It is as simple as placing your bet on the predicted total.

Point Spread allows players to wager based on the difference between the scores of the two teams.


Q: Is there a difference between a spread of 13 and 13.5?

A: Yes. If you place a -13.5 bet and the team wins by 13, you lose the bet. But if the bet is at -13 and the team wins by the same margin, then you tie (also known as a push).